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We are so excited you landed here!  Horizon Worship Center seeks to encourage all members to get involved with what God is doing in our ministry overall.  We are a ministry of transformation, called by God to make a radical change in people's lives, and each ministry is designed to help fulfill that purpose. So, please take a few minutes to review our ministries. 

Children church and nursery is available at Horizon Worship Center.
Kingdom Kidz

The Horizon Worship Center’s Children’s Ministry is a ministry set apart for God’s purpose and use. We are here to impact the lives of all children, to train them in the way they should grow in the Lord. It is our mission to provide a solid foundation for every child so they may build upon it as they carry out their purpose.


We shall provide a caring and loving environment for all children to be safe and comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings; plus, an exciting atmosphere for learning the Word of God.

Marriage Ministry


That married couples from all ethnic groups and diverse backgrounds will operate in love, be unified and have mutual respect for on another. In their oneness reflect and maintain the love of Christ. They will exemplify the biblical relationship between Jesus Christ and His bride the church.


We are a ministry called by God to effectively develop Godly marriages and build solid families that display the power of God through biblical teaching, support and fellowship.


To lead couples from all walks of life into a growing, exciting and thriving commitment to one another through their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Young Adult Ministry available at Horion Worship Center.
Married Couple's ministry at Horizon Worship Center.
Young Adult Ministry 


Women's Ministry
Daughters of Purpose-United In God
Scripture: Philippians 2: 1-2


Our mission is to help each woman continuously walk spiritually whole, in boldness and fulfill her God-given purpose by His grace.


As DOP-U.I.G., we are determined to provide a platform for women to operate in their spiritual gifts and talents enabling them to reach their full potential in Christ.

Men's Ministry is available at Horizon Worship Center.
Mighty Men of Valor

Mighty Men of Valor was started with the welfare of the men of Horizon Worship Center in mind. As we move forward, it is our mission to:


Reach the men of Horizon Worship Center and beyond by providing a positive atmosphere for the discussion of men-related issues.

As men, we must have a personal relationship with God. When there is no one else to hear our cry, we can tell God all of our personal battles. However, as long as we are on this earth, God has designed existence in such a way that we are going to need each other. As a result, as we build trust in God we will also build trust in each other.

Music and Fine Arts

Horizon In Ministry (H.I.M) and Deliverance Dance Ministry are ministries led by the Holy Spirit. The Arts are comprised of praise dance, mime and drama.  You will not leave worship service the same, and will have experienced the presence of God Almighty in a life changing way.  

Praise and Worship is available at Horizon Worship Center.
We have an Audio and Social Media team at Horizon Worship Center.
TAG - Transforming A Generation

T.A.G (Transforming A Generation) is a ministry where teens can express themselves in a way that promotes freedom in God, and is purposed to unlock the God given potential that’s inside them. Wednesday night bible study is not just any other service, but a time when teens can communicate with one another and grow in the Lord.

We have a servanthood ministry at Horizon Worship Center.
Audio / Media

We not only support worship but are also a worship ministry. We use our God given talents to honor God through audio and media by serving and supporting the body of HWC. We provide technical support for all events that require sound reinforcement including rehearsals, all worship services, special events, and remote events that demand sound system support.


Our goal is to use the latest technology in audio and media in an attempt to reach masses with the gospel that will transform lives of those listening and watching.

We have a Youth Ministry called Transforming A Generation at Horizon Worship Center.

We are humble to serve in HWC. We truly understand that our purpose and call is to imitate the true servant of all, Jesus Christ.


Our heart’s desire it to become like Him and to always have the people’s interest at heart. We are focused on being pleasant, caring , courteous, accommodating and available to all members and guests.

We believe in prayer at Horizon Worship Center.
Intercessory Prayer

We are “wall breakers”. Using the Word of God and believing Him to intervene in every situation, we pray for all by pulling down everything that rises against the power of God. We truly believe that prayer changes things and a church is only as powerful as its prayer ministry.


We are focused on breaking down all walls that the enemy and life has erected against us. We believe prayer and intercession is the very foundation for a church ministry. We thrive on the Word of God because it carries authority; it rules, controls and is powerful. It is creative; able to change the atmosphere. It is effective; it accomplishes everything. It is dynamic; generates power. It is permanent; eternal not temporal. It is practical; to be obeyed and used, not just considered. By praying God’s word back to him, standing in faith and believing Him, we are determined to break down walls and barriers that hinder Christians from experiencing true intimacy and an abundant, prosperous life in Christ Jesus.

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